OneChain Immunotherapeutics, S.L.

Biotechnology - Therapeutics and Diagnostics


OneChain Immunotherapeutics S.L (OCI) is a new and dynamic spin-off company from Fundación Josep Carreras invested also by Invivo Ventures and CDTI-Innvierte (Ministerio de Industria). OCI is in continued expansion and growing to its new laboratory located at the Barcelona Scientific Park (PCB).


The main objective of the OneChain project is to improve people’s health through the development of new immuno-oncological therapeutic tools for the treatment of a large number of neoplasms, mainly rare childhood leukemias or others with few therapeutic alternatives, providing innovative and viable pharmacological solutions.


The company focuses in developing cutting-edge cellular tools such as new CAR-T and allogeneic therapies and it implements use at the pre-clinical and clinical stages for refractory/relapse cancer.

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Contact person: Víctor Manuel Díaz Cortés

Location: Ed. Clúster - 02C84