Laboratorios Ordesa



Ordesa, a Spanish leading infant company, focuses its activity in PCB on innovation and research of new food ingredients for both pediatric patients and for other groups with specific nutritional needs as women and the elderly, which are bioactive in the area immunity and the treatment of food allergies, cognitive function and prevention of obesity.


The center of R&D&I has a modern laboratory with the latest technology and a highly qualified and specialized in areas such as nutrition, biotechnology, microbiology and clinical pediatric multidisciplinary scientific team.


Our research activity focuses on areas such as probiotics, bioactive peptides and functional lipids. With an average of 15 projects a year, Ordesa participates in a number of R&D collaborative projects, both at the national and international level, with research institutes, technological centres and biotech companies.

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Contact person: José Antonio Moreno Muñoz

Location: Ed. Hèlix - 03A22