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Mixing colors for better life


We spend up to 90% of our time indoors with a sort of artificial light that influences our biorhythm and affects our moods and activity levels. To date, we have worked to achieve an energy efficient lighting. Now we can develop lighting with human well-being in mind.


Enlighting technologies it’s a software company, we have developed software based in an algorithm that generates optimal color combinations within the colorimetric diagram. By applying the results obtained to a smart LED lighting system, we can reproduce lighting scenarios with high quality parameters, the technology it can be used with any bulb or luminaire with 4≥ channels, the software can be embedded into a wired or wireless system, and the reaction time it’s in less than a second.


ET software provides accent lighting with high added value, greater perception of products, higher customer attention levels and a powerful suggestive environment; ET software offers its clients a world of possibilities to build their identity through light.


ET software is the best tool to offer a light that has positive effects over the three aspects that work in Human Centric Lighting: Visual (High quality light (CRI> 90) and Tunable, dynamic, close to sunlight), emotional (Option of individual lighting moods and light-colors) and biological (Blue component modulation and Melanopic component control).

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Contact person: Javier Iglesias Borrell

Location: Torre R - 02B01