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GalChimia is a Contract Research Organization specialized in organic synthesis. The company offers high-added-value R&D services in Discovery, Process, and Analytical Chemistry for the pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnological industries. These lines of business are further complemented by their service of Custom Synthesis and the extensive collection of reference substances available in their Chemical Catalog.


The Passion for Chemistry of GalChimia has become a referent throughout the years, transforming the company into a European leader in Chemical Synthesis. The team is multidisciplinary, comprising more than 50 professionals with diverse backgrounds from the pharmaceutical industry, CMOs, and other service companies, as well as academia. Over 50% of their chemists have a PhD in Organic Chemistry and all Project Managers have more than 10 years of experience in this industry. GalChimia is characterized by their desire to innovate and their commitment with scientific excellence, helping clients worldwide succeed in their R&D projects.

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Contact person: Ana Sancho

Location: Ed. Clúster - 02C81