MicroArt Opens New Offices in Edinburgh Blog Post

, a medical bioinformatics company located at the Barcelona Science Park, announces the opening of a new subsidiary in the United Kingdom. Plans are set for the new subsidiary to join the science park that the University of Edinburgh is fostering, building on the close collaboration that the company has pursued through various research projects undertaken jointly with national and European partners. At the opening ceremony held at 1.30 pm on Friday, 22 February, at the University of Edinburgh (UE), MicroArt’s managing director Magí Lluch was joined by other company representatives, by Dave Robertson, who is the director of the “Centre for Intelligent Systems and their Applications”, and by Michael Rovatsos, head of the UE’s Agents Group. The speakers presented the results of projects jointly carried out by MicroArt and the university.

Information technologies used in a new system for the diagnosis of cancer Blog Post

A European consortium coordinated by the enterprise , with its head-offices at the Parc Científic de Barcelona , will set up an innovative decision-support system (DSS) for the diagnosis of cancer. This new tool will allow the unification and classification of information available in hospitals around the world with the aim to improve the diagnosis and prognosis of brain tumours.