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EmbryoTools has been founded by scientists with an international reputation for innovation and excellence and who are passionate about reproduction and best practices. With more than 30 years experience in both clinical embryology and animal reproduction, we provide a wide range of expertise to reproductive specialists, centers and manufacturers. We hold the highest standards and drive for excellence. All our services are performed in our own state of the art facilities, with the most advanced technology and innovative techniques.


Our team looks forward to contributing to the IVF Global community by:


-Providing the most advanced and profound Quality Control Testing for products for the IVF industry.
-Sharing our experience and expertise with other laboratory professionals in our Training School.
-Providing Independent Scientific and Clinical Consulting Services to reproductive centers to improve results with best practices and protocols and assist manufacturers on developing and optimizing new products for IVF based on our long term experience and deep understanding of IVF industry needs.
-Developing the most innovative techniques through continuous research in our Animal Reproduction Center.

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Contact person: Nuno Luis Costa Borges

Location: Ed. Clúster - 01B73