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The PCB and the Biopol Consortium of Hospitalet sign a collaboration agreement

By 14 de May de 2010November 18th, 2020No Comments
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The PCB and the Biopol Consortium of Hospitalet sign a collaboration agreement

The Barcelona Science Park Foundation (PCB) and the Biopol Consortium of Hospitalet (BiopoL'H) have signed an agreement to promote collaboration in joint initiatives within the framework of their respective activities, in order to achieve improved use of their resources. The agreement has been signed by the general director of the PCB, Fernando Albericio, and the director of the BiopoL'H Consortium, Ramón López Lozano.

The goal of this agreement is to establish certain general criteria to promote cooperation by means of the agreements and contracts required in each case, with the aim of fostering the interrelationship between different agents (companies, research centres, government and university) within their corresponding areas.

These agreements include the use of scientific-technological platforms with unity of criteria and common prices for all technology-based companies or research centres that are based in both spaces, the interest to create and promote a network of institutional relations and companies in projects of common interest, and the establishment of criteria and common actions between the two organizations with an international outlook.

The agreement also establishes the creation of a follow-up commission to supervise the tasks to be performed with the aim of establishing feasibility and execution of agreements, which will be composed of two representatives from the two organizations that have underwritten the agreement.