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The Park has contributed to “White Paper on Scientific Culture and Innovation Units” by FECYT

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), which depends on the Ministry of Science and Innovation, has just published a new edition of the White Book of the Units of Scientific Culture and Innovation (UCC+i). This document, in the drafting of which the UCC+ I of the Barcelona Science Park has participated, will mark the roadmap of the UCC+I in the coming years, as well as the conditions of the new registrations and renewals of the accreditations to form part of the UCC+I Network.

The UCC+I Network was born in 2007 within the framework of the Year of Science, which promoted the creation and strengthening of units in universities and research centers. Currently, there are 114 units that are part of this network.

The main objective of the UCC+I is to shorten the distances between society and the scientific community, trying to transfer the daily reality of science, technology and innovation to the street, based on attention to social diversity and capabilities of Spanish society and the commitment of research centers, universities and other scientific entities for an inclusive, diverse, egalitarian and sustainable science.

» For further information: FECYT website [+]