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Víctor Vallés, Vesismin CEO, with Cristina González, Marta Piriz and Soledad Gutiérrez (Photo: Vesismin Health).

The nursing role in infection prevention and control was discussed in the Vesismin Talks

The role of nursing in infection prevention and control is the theme of the third edition of the Vesismin Talks series, a space for debate promoted by Vesismin Health, headquartered in the Barcelona Science Park- which was created for professionals in the health sector to analyze the relevance of their specialties in handling the recent public health crisis. 

Last Thursday, in first of the three meetings that the Vesismin Talks cycle will dedicate to this specialty, three nurses with extensive clinical experience shared their knowledge, challenges and multiple stories lived in our hospitals to inspire and empower the nursing collective in some very complicated months in the healthcare field: Cristina González, Infection Control Program Coordinator Nurse at the MAR Health Park (Barcelona); Marta Piriz, Infection Prevention and Control nurse at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau; and Soledad Gutiérrez, Head of Quality and Care Management at the San Cecilio Clinical University Hospital in Granada.

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