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Photo: Institut Empresarial de Biotecnologia.

The Biotechnology Business Institute expands its masters programs

Following the success of the Master in Project Management applied to biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry –which is now in the third edition–and the growing professional demand for health science profiles with knowledge in applied management, the Biotechnology Business Institute -based at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB)- is expanding its continuing education offer with two new programs: the Master in Marketing Management and the Master in Business Management.


The three continuing education programs will be offered as masters degrees at the University of Barcelona (UB) in the classroom instruction modality at the Faculty of Biology of the UB. They are aimed at graduates and postgraduates in the areas of life sciences and related fields, and to individuals who are completing their PhD and/or who are working in transfer offices or biopharmaceutical companies.

The aim of the programs is to provide students with knowledge in management to complement their scientific training and help them develop their professional careers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, with a goal towards the development of new drugs, medical devices and healthcare products.

The faculty staff consists of professionals with extensive experience in the healthcare sector aimed at the development of drugs and medical devices, who in addition promoting knowledge, work to develop the distinctive skills of each student, thus ensuring the comprehensive training of professionals with the skills required by the sector.

The programs also includes visits to research centers, science parks and companies to help students contact their professional environment. These activities are combined with coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, and attendance to relevant events in the sector.

“Since its creation, the Biotechnology Business Institute has been evolving continuously, improving and expanding its portfolio of masters, postgraduate programs and specialized courses. All this is the result of a real need that exists in the labor market for science profiles with management knowledge, the success of the programs, the importance of the faculty staff, the support of the institutions that value the mission of the Institute, and the real opportunity for students to join the working world”, said Juan R. Garcia, the Biotechnology Business Institute founder and director.