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Andreu Soldevila, CEO of Syna, Gabriel Roig, chairman of the Syna Board, and Isabel Amat, member of the Syna Board (Photo Syna Therapeutics).

Syna Therapeutics signs an exclusive license agreement with Intas to commercialise biosimilar LB-0702

Syna Therapeutics, a joint venture of Reig Jofre and Leanbio, based in the Barcelona Science Park, signed a global licensing deal with Intas Pharmaceuticals to commercialise its biosimilar drug LB-0702 to treat pathologies in the field of haematology.

Under the terms of the agreement, Intas have been granted exclusive license rights to commercialise LB-0702 worldwide, and Syna will develop, manufacture and supply LB-0702 to Intas and its affiliates. Accord Healthcare, Inta’s subsidiary, one of the key players in the global biosimilars market, has a sales and distribution networks in 85 countries.

Syna will begin clinical trials for LB-0702 in 2023 with support from its partners Leanbio and Reig Jofre. Utilising the technology platforms of Leanbio coupled with the technology production expertise of Reig Jofre at its new manufacturing plant in Barcelona (Spain) purposed for sterile injectables and lyophilised biopharmaceutical products.

“Signing this deal is one of Syna’s most important milestones since the company was founded in 2018, and it confirms the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare systems’ growing interest in biosimilar drugs,” notes Dr Andreu Soldevila, co-founder and CEO of Syna. “We are delighted with this agreement with Intas because we believe biosimilar LB-0702 will have a very positive impact to healthcare systems. The subsidiary Accord Healthcare is the ideal partner to commercialise our biosimilar in global markets” says Soldevila.

Binish Chudgar, vice chairman and canaging director of Intas, commented, “we are pleased to announce this agreement with Syna. This agreement sets out Accord Healthcare to file for global rights to this critical drug and is in line with our long-term strategy, reinforcing our commitment to improving access to high-quality biosimilar drugs for patients globally.”