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Rosa Artells, CEO and R&D Director at SM Genomics (Photo: Indescat)

SM Genomics receives the Business and Enterprise Award for Innovation 2016

SM Genomics, located at the Barcelona Science Park, is one of the three companies awarded in the fourth edition of the Business and Sport Awards organized by Indescat –the Catalan Sports Industry Cluster– to recognize the most outstanding projects in the field of innovation, internationalization and partnership. The awards ceremony was held at the Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport Joan Antoni Samaranch and was attended by more than 100 people from the institutional, business and sports world.  


SM Genomics  applies genetics to sports medicine to improve the performance of professional and amateur athletes. The company has developed two tests, in injuries and in sports nutrition, whose information allows the personalization of athletes’ training and nutrition, and enables them to obtain benefits in their performance and in their general health.

The Partnership Award was awarded to Play and Train and Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya, for the Centre d’Esport Adaptat La Molina. The Internationalization Award went to Macsha, a company dedicated to the development of technology for the timekeeping of different sports disciplines, both for event organizers and for athletes.

The event was chaired by Anna Pruna, president of Indescat; Jordi Baiget, minister for enterprise and knowledge of the Generalitat de Catalunya; Gerard Figueras, secretary general for sport of the Generalitat de Catalunya; David Escudé, sports commissioner of the Ajuntament de Barcelona, and Gerard Esteva, president of the Unió de Federacions Esportives de Catalunya.