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Personalised medicine closes the third edition of the “Science on Debate” cycle organised by the PCB

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Personalised medicine closes the third edition of the “Science on Debate” cycle organised by the PCB

The last session of the 3rd edition of "Science on Debate", organised by the Barcelona Science Park in collaboration with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, will be held on Thursday, 15th of October, at 18.30h at the la Casa Llotja de Mar hall in Barcelona. On this occasion the scientific debate will revolve around the possibilities and limitations of personalised medicine. New technological approximations make it now possible to tailor treatments to meet the specific needs of each individual based on the individual response to treatment… But, is it easy for companies to adjust to new new model type? Is it within the reach of all citizens?

This session will be moderated by Jesús Purroy, director of Research and Innovation at the Barcelona Science Park, and will include lectures by: Sara Marsal, director of the Rheumatology Research Group at the Vall d’Hebron University hospital; Joan Ballesteros, chairman and scientific director of Vivia Biotech; Joan Albanell, director of Cancer Research at IMIM-Hospital del Mar; and Jaime del Barrio, director of the Institute Roche for Integral Health Solutions.

As in former editions, the cycle features a format that is far from that of classic seminars, addressing specific questions while enhancing the presentation of different points of view. To maximise the debates, a computer programme that will facilitate interaction with the public allowing attendees to express their opinion on the questions raised. Answers from the public will be obtained and displayed immediately via this same system.

“Science on Debate” is an activity open to all those individuals interested in debating current scientific issues with experts in those fields with the aim of stimulating discussion on current topics of scientific interest, with special emphasis on new paths opened by multidisciplinary research. “Science on Debate” also aims to become a platform where representatives from the business sector, the administration, the scientific community and society can talk, compare different points of view, and express their opinion in relation to these topics.

Please confirm your attendance by email to:; or contact 93 403 45 09. For further information, please write to: