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Inauguration of the 8th Annual “Live Research” Fair

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Inauguration of the 8th Annual “Live Research” Fair

The Social Programme of the Caixa Catalunya and the Barcelona Science Park have inaugurated today the 8th Annual "Live Research" Fair. The objective of this event is to share with the public some of the projects that are currently being carried out by researchers from some of the main research centres and institutes in Barcelona and provide information on the scientific methodology used. To this end, each stand presents an enigma that participants are welcomed to solve by experimenting and using laboratory tools brought by the scientists themselves to La Pedrera of Caixa Catalunya. The director of the Social Programme of Caixa Catalunya, Miquel Perdiguer; the rector of the University of Barcelona, Dídac Ramírez; the general director of the Barcelona Science Park, Fernando Albericio, and the secretary general of the Catalan Society of Biology, Josep Clotet, have participated in the inauguration of the fair.

The 8th annual fair presents projects from many different fields, including regenerative medicine, evolutionary biology, physics, nanotechnology, tissue engineering, genomics and biomedicine, amongst others. Attendees will be able to fabricate a bone with biomaterials, detect DNA mutations, discover the properties of water at a nanometric level and perform calculations to determine the probabilities of an asteroid hitting the Earth, amongst other activities.

Caixa Catalunya, by means of its social programme, and the Barcelona Science Park strive to bring the world of research closer to society and to bridge the gap between research and education to foster scientific vocations and improve society’s scientific culture. To this end, both institutions work together to bring us the “Live Research” fair. At the same time, both institutions carry out other programmes geared towards research of scientific excellence. Such is the case of Research in Secondary Schools, another joint initiative which enables secondary school students to carry out projects under the scientific guidance of a researcher from the PCB and to conduct real practice in their laboratories. In fact, the best projects from this initiative have been awarded this morning during the opening ceremony of the Live Research Fair.

Additionally, for the first time ever, the group of researchers participating in the Fair will also include students from the Caixa Catalunya Young People and Science programme. Thanks to this programme, these young people have been able to carry out research projects in renowned national and international centres. At the Fair they will share information on their projects and the characteristic features of the scientific method with other people their age.

The “Live Research” fair has been carried out in collaboration with the Catalan Society of Biology and the Department of Innovation, Universities and Enterprise of the Generalitat de Catalunya and it is included within the series of R+D+i activities of the Social Programme of Caixa Catalunya and the Barcelona Science Park’s “Research in Society” science dissemination programme, which offers over 120 activities in which 6,000 people participate each year.