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IDtrack settles into the Barcelona Science Park and initiates a strategic plan for expansion

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IDtrack settles into the Barcelona Science Park and initiates a strategic plan for expansion

The Catalan company , specialised in the analysis, research and dissemination of new state-of-the-art automatic identification and traceability technologies, has settled in the Barcelona Science Park with the aim of expanding its facilities and services in order to address the fast growth it has experienced in the past few years. This growth has been a result of the comprehensive, systematic innovation strategy that the company has carried out since its creation in 2006, which has enabled the company to increase its business volume by 40% in the past fiscal year.

Since its creation in 2006, the company has maintained sustained growth with a mean increase of its activity and business volume which exceeds an annual 25%. At present, after three years of trajectory, the company already boasts over 40 national and international events, more than 7,000 professional participants; over 200 sponsors and collaborators; more than 14 market studies and over 2,200 clients. Its location in the Barcelona Science Park represents the starting point for the national and international expansion strategy that the company has set in motion.

“At these uncertain times in which many companies find themselves bogged down by the crisis, Idtrack faces change by progressing. The Barcelona Science Park is a centre characterized by scientific excellence, in which we will undoubtedly be able to develop our multiple activities with higher precision and improved performance, by integrating into the best scientific-technological environment of the most advanced Barcelona” -says Lluis Soler Gomis, director of IDtrack.

IDtrack Momentum focuses its activity on revealing and disseminating –in an impartial and independent manner- the state of the market and advances in the primary technologies for automatic identification of products, persons and animals, and traceability. The company works in different areas, such as the healthcare and hospital, hotel, pharmaceutical and food sectors. On the other hand, Idtrack very actively collaborates to establish a technical, legal and ethical framework for the aforementioned implementations, stimulate research, develop and manufacture technology and solutions, as well as to promote contact between companies and institutions with technology and services providers.

In order to reach its objectives, Idtrack has four working tools:

– Performance of market studies of different identification and traceability technologies in different sectors

– Training seminars for professionals

– Hosting of workshops and conferences to show the latest innovations

– Organization of fairs, such as MIDAT, the only international fair on mobility, automatic identification and traceability, which will take place in Barcelona on October 27 and 28

– The website, a channel for the dissemination of the company’s studies and current information relating to the sector. Idtrack studies are available at no cost on their website. The mean number of downloads is 2,500 per study.

Last August, IDtrack also created a new online channel, IDtrack.TV, which enables viewers to watch the events organized by Idtrack in real time, and to download different videos and presentations. At present the channel has over 1,500 users.