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Reimagina la Ciencia
Reimagina la Ciencia

‘Vacúnate, José’, a project on clinical trials from Sant Gabriel school of Viladecans, wins ‘Reimagina la ciencia’ contest in Barcelona from nearly 70 videos submitted

Novartis, Barcelona Science Park (PCB), and Big Van Ciencia announced this Thursday, 15 December, the winner of the third edition of Reimagina la Ciència: Get vaccinated, José, from Sant Gabriel school of Viladecans. El proyecto ganador fue desarrollado por los alumnos Noah Allard, Daniel Delgado y Yasmín Güell, con la coordinación del profesor Carlos Giménez. The winning project was developed by the students Noah Allard, Daniel Delgado and Yasmín Güell, coordinated by Professor Carlos Giménez. 

The final gala took place at the Barcelona Science Park, combining in-person performances and the 8 videos chosen from the 67 entered this year. The event was streamed live and will be available for anyone interested in watching the finalists: You don’t have to be a genius… but it helps (Col·legi Sant Gabriel de Viladecans); Biomedicine (Providencia del Corazón de Jesús); 4 phases (IES Ramon Coll i Rodés); Phases of a clinical trial (IE Lloret de Mar), Clinical trials (IES Ramon Coll i Rodés); Report from a clinical trial (Escuela Pia de Balmes); Drug Z (FEP Santa Teresa Lisieux), and the winner, Get vaccinated, José (Sant Gabriel school of Viladecans).

The event, hosted by Helena González of Big Van Ciencia, also featured AQuAS Chief Innovation Officer Ramon Maspons, Novartis Head Development Unit Oncology Esther Serra, and Barcelona Science Park CEO Maria Terrades.

Reimagina la Ciència is a dissemination programme for students and teachers that had nearly 2,000 participants from all over Catalonia this year. The programme aims to encourage the younger generations to go into careers in science.

In this third edition, the students presented their creative proposals explaining how they see and interpret the world of clinical trials through artistic performances: videos, songs, sketches, and flash mobs. The students delved into scientific content like clinical trials, research, and drug development in a learning process that combines science and the performing arts. True to Novartis’ commitment to society and reimagining medicine, this initiative strives to have a positive impact on young people, exposing them to scientific knowledge and critical thinking, so they can reimagine science themselves.

Methodology and selection process

During the first phase of the programme, held in October, the Big Van Ciencia scientists held live performances of their show to inspire the young people for their own creations, attracting 1,905 students from all over Catalonia. Plus, the programme provided teaching materials on clinical trials for the faculty at the schools, which also fostered knowledge of e-learning tools and the performing arts to be developed later in the classroom. This helped boost the teachers’ abilities to use storytelling to explain scientific concepts, which the students then expressed as creatively and disruptively as possible in a video.

After selecting the eight finalists, at a final gala, a panel of judges made up of clinical research professionals from Novartis and the PCB, plus figures from the communications and performing arts sectors, announced the winning video: Get vaccinated, José (Sant Gabriel school of Viladecans). The panel of judges based their decision on the content of the video, clarity of the message, and the students’ explanation and charisma.

Novartis Trial Monitoring Head Javier Malpesa notes, “The Reimagina la Ciència programme has once again showcased the great talent and potential of the coming generations. This initiative is born out of our values and reflects our mission to reimagine medicine, something that won’t be possible without young people. We hope to continue promoting exciting, dynamic programmes like this, which bring us closer to society to advance together towards transformative medicine”.

And Barcelona Science Park CEO Maria Terrades highlighted, “We are very satisfied to know that some of tomorrow’s researchers are among the hundreds of students that took part in the programme this year. Projects like Reimagina la Ciència help us encourage young people to choose STEM careers and advance towards a very promising future for science and health”.