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Photo: Barcelona Science Park

Fifteen students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology visit the PCB

Fifteeen students from the Massachusetts Institut of Technology (MIT) of Boston have visited today the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), as part of a collaborative project beween this prestigious university and the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation through the program MISTI Global Teaching Labs (GTL)


The aim of this project is for MIT students to teach classes to secondary school students in Catalonia during a three-week stay and complete their training with visits to leading research centers in Barcelona and gatherings with young researchers to exchange experiences.

The students were accompanied by Lluís Farrés, Director of Knowledge, Education and Research at the Catalonia-La Pedrera Foundation; Silvia Frias and Carla Conejo from the Foundation´s Department of Knowledge and Research; Anna Serra, Director of Marketing and Communications at PCB and Jordi Quintana, head of Business Development at PCB.

After a brief presentation of the dissemination of science projects organised by the Catalonia-La Pedrera Foundation and the PCB, these young students had a tour of the facilities and laboratories of PCB where they had a chance to come into direct contact with multidisciplinary teams and their research lines.