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Cristina Bescós (Photo: EIT Health Spain).

EIt Health announces Cristina Bescos as a new Director of Innovation

EIT Health announces Cristina Bescos, managing director of EIT Health Spain since 2019, as a new Director of Innovation. In her new role, Cristina will lead the strategic development of EIT Health’s innovation projects, together with the partners of the consortium.

Cristina, who holds a PhD in telecommunication engineering with a biomedical specialism, has developed an extensive career in digital health and healthcare transformation, spanning both public research and the private sector.

Before joining EIT Health, Cristina worked for the European Space Agency, Hewlett Packard, Telefonica R+D and Philips, where she managed European programmes in telehealth and value-based healthcare.

Passionate about transforming European health systems to better serve patients with chronic conditions, Cristina sees technology as both a disruptor and enabler for the wellbeing of citizens and healthcare professionals alike.

“In the next 24 months, I would like to see the health sector change its narrative. We should stop talking about ‘Digital Health’ and talk about ‘Health’. This will require a cultural shift as we integrate technology into patients’ lives, so that taking care of our heath becomes a pleasure, not a nuisance. As the most powerful innovation ecosystem in Europe, EIT Health is well positioned to drive this much needed system transformation, and I feel honoured to help lead the way, as Director of Innovation,” says Cristina.

Throughout her career, Cristina has represented numerous industrial organisations, standardisation committees, expert forums, and innovation programmes at European level. Her work has been focused on driving change in eHealth, telemedicine, chronic condition management, and healthy ageing. In 2020, Cristina was elected as one of the 100 women leaders in Spain and HIMSS Future50 global leader in digital health.

“I am delighted to welcome Cristina Bescos as our new Director of Innovation, and I am excited to see how she uses her wealth of experience to help us deliver high-impact innovation projects and continue to improve the lives of citizens and patients across Europe,” says Jan-Philipp Beck, CEO, EIT Health.

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