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Clarifications on the report issued by the Public Audit Office for Catalonia

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Clarifications on the report issued by the Public Audit Office for Catalonia

Further to the information report issued on 30th December, 2009 by the Public Audit Office for Catalonia in relation to report no. 26/2009 concerning the Barcelona Science Park Foundation (PCB) of the UB (PCB-UB), the PCB wishes to make the following statements:

The Barcelona Science Park (PCB) is today a reality that houses over 75 businesses, four public research institutes and 36 scientific and technological units where more than 2,000 researchers work.

The PCB is a project of great magnitude which in the past few years has achieved a 100% occupancy level of its premises (1st phase). The PCB is currently undergoing an expansion process and because of this it will not be able to attain the forecasted economies of scale until the project is fully completed (2nd phase).

The PCB is a nationwide project that has the support of all public administrations to complete the planned investment until the year 2011, which makes the future viability of the project strong and healthy and not “in risk”. The PCB is a strategic project of the University of Barcelona that also has the commitment of all the institutions that make up its Board of Governing Body.

The reliability of this project is such that it has made it possible for the National Genome Analysis Centre to be based at the PCB. The National Genome Analysis Centre is the only centre of its kind in the entire Spanish state and will give support to national and international research centres.