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CataloniaBio Board of Directors (Foto: CataloniaBio).

CataloniaBio and HealthTech Cluster to begin merger process

With the aim to combine efforts and grow strategically, CataloniaBio, located at the Barcelona Science Park, and HealthTech Cluster have agreed to merge into one entity which is going to encompass more than 200 innovative enterprises, hospitals and knowledge institutions of the Catalan health sector.


The CataloniaBio and HealthTech Cluster General Assemblies of Members, held on 22nd February and 4th May respectively, entrusted the start of the merging process to their executive boards. The merging process will finish, once rectified by the two extraordinary assemblies, with the call for elections at the end of 2017. To coordinate this period of integration, a steering committee with members of both executive boards has been created, among them, their CEO’s Ignasi Biosca (Catalonia- BioReig Jofre) and Albert Gallart (HealthTech Cluster- Grupo Pulso).

The merge of the both institutions will foster common strategic aims like enterprise cooperation and the digital health business model, access to international markets, technology transfers and attract investments to create new products in both the biotech and the Medtech sectors. It will also work in a value proposition directed to the different profiles of each member of the new organization. 

CataloniaBio was established in 2006 by a group of biotech entrepreneurs and now represents 110 biotech, pharmaceuticals and medical devices companies which represent an important part of the Catalan R&D sector.

HealthTech Cluster was created in 2014 by 17 funding members with the goal to promote the competiveness of the Catalan health technology sector. Today it has 50 members of the whole value chain, specially MedTech and digital health, and also agents in the ecosystem like knowledge institution and hospitals.