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Catalonia Bio receives award from the employers’ association CECOT

By 7 de November de 2008November 18th, 2020No Comments
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Catalonia Bio receives award from the employers’ association CECOT

The association of companies , located in the Barcelona Science Park, has received an award from the Terrassa employers' association . The awards, now in their fourteenth year, are given in recognition of efforts made to consolidate the biotech sector in Catalonia and services offered to CECOT members. The award was collected yesterday in person by Carles Buesa, president of Catalonia Bio.

Catalonia Bio was set up in 2006 and has developed from its initial group of twenty founding partners to an association with over sixty members, fourteen of which are companies based in the Barcelona Science Park. Its mission is to serve as a vehicle for integrating the biotech sector in Catalonia, facilitating contacts and establishing synergies between members, defending their interests (by acting as an intermediary with the Catalan government and other agencies), and drawing up collaborative agreements with various bodies in order to boost companies and make it easier for them to develop their specific lines of work.

According to Lluís Ruiz, vice-president of Catalonia Bio, the areas of greatest interest for the association involve influencing policy on finance and industrial land, training and recruitment of management talent in this field, and drawing up reports and studies for the whole of Catalonia that are relevant to the sector.

The aim of the CECOT awards is to give visible public recognition to the efforts and everyday activity of companies, institutions and individuals in responding to the demands of the sector, as well as to their contribution to economic development, job creation and the fostering of innovation.

The award ceremony, which was held yesterday at the Trade Centre in Terrassa, was presided over by the Catalan finance minister Antoni Castells and saw over a thousand people in attendance.