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Natalia de la Figuera (Genesis Biomed) and Elena Torrente (DKV). Photo: Genesis Biomed.

Biomed and DKV sign a collaboration agreement to promote digital health

Genesis Biomed, a consulting company specialized in R+D projects in biomedicine and based in the Barcelona Science Park, and DKV -which is part of ERGO, one of the largest insurance groups in Germany and Europe- have made a joint commitment to promote digital health through DKV Innolab, located at the Barcelona Health Hub in the modernist complex of Sant Pau in Barcelona

Technology plays a crucial role in the health area. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has proved the need to implement a digital health system that facilitates patient-centered, accessible, safe and more efficient care. This requires a firm commitment to telemedicine, artificial intelligence or big data to maintain continuity of care and facilitate disease prevention thanks to data analysis.

DKV Innolab has been conceived as a space to generate practical knowledge, research and analysis of emerging trends involving end-users, professionals, associations and companies from different areas to create solutions in smart positive health.

Elena Torrente, Digital Health Development deputy director at DKV, describes DKV Innolab as “the new space for innovation in digital health, has a Living-Lab environment where we recreate a virtual consultation and a home where simulations and user tests with digital health solutions that are produced in the market will be carried out. We basically dedicate ourselves to two large areas: open innovation and research”.

Genesis Biomed’s experience as a consultant in the biomedical sector joins the DKV Innolab project, allowing both initiatives to come together in a cooperation agreement addressed to the digital health area.

According to Natalia de la Figuera, managing partner & COO of Genesis Biomed, with this agreement with DKV we aim to contribute with “all our knowledge in the business development area, especially in the entrepreneurship part, searching for the best business model to reach the market and also for everything relating to training in these areas”.

The initiative takes advantage of the explosion that digital health is experiencing both in Spain and in the rest of the world, accelerated by the emergence of Covid-19. Most of the innovation projects in health are advancing and a good number of investment rounds are closing. In fact, during 2020 there were a record number of investments, for example in the Rock Health 2020 Market Information Report, investments in digital health in the US increased by 72% compared to 2018. Investors have discovered the potential of the health sector that COVID-19 has highlighted.