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Barcelona Science Park takes part in the Science Festival once again

By 11 de June de 2018No Comments
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Photo of the Barcelona Science Park workshop given by Dr Salvador Guardiola within the ‘Live more, live better’ themed area (Photo: PCB).

Barcelona Science Park takes part in the Science Festival once again

Under the slogan “Everybody is a genius”, on 9 and 10 June the 12th Science Festival took place with the active participation of the Barcelona Science Park (PCB). The large-scale event, organised by the Culture Institute of Barcelona (ICUB), brought the public into contact with the world of science and technology for the 12th year running. Once again this year, over an entire weekend, Parc de la Ciutadella was turned into a huge open-air laboratory where adults and kids alike were able to try the more than 230 fun educational activities on offer.


This year, through its Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit (UCCi), funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT), the PCB was present at the festival on Saturday 9 June with three fun activities aimed at exploring scientific knowledge and research: the ‘Natural Indicators’ and ‘Pharmaceutical Laboratory’ workshops, given by Dr Salvador Guardiola in the ‘Live more, live better’ themed area, and a talk by Dr Carlos Heras on ‘How medicines are made’ in the micro-talks area, in which he explained all the work and years of research that go into creating a medicine. Both scientists are part of the ‘Research in Society’ programme, a PCB project that aims to raise public awareness of scientific research by giving workshops and talks to school children of different ages. The PCB was also involved in several other micro-talks that were given last Saturday.

Like every year, more than a hundred research centres, universities, companies, associations and scientific outreach professionals took part in the Science Festival. This year it offered a highly varied range of activities—workshops, talks, virtual experiences, performances and even an escape room. A weekend full of activities suitable for all ages on a wide range of subjects within the field of science, covering everything from basic concepts such as molecules, medicines and the biosphere, to the digital revolution.