Barcelona Science Park presents the Exporecerca Jove awards


From 28 February to 2 March the YoMo Festival in La Farga de l’Hospitalet hosted the 20th Exporecerca Jove, a fair featuring 120 research projects by young people aged 12 to 30. The exhibition is organised every year by the MAGMA association. The idea is to encourage young people to get involved in research, promote sharing experiences and drive participation at this and other fairs and congresses in Spain and abroad. The Barcelona Science Park (Parc Científic de Barcelona, PCB) handed out three awards and a runner-up prize consisting of a day in a laboratory at its facilities along with the chance to attend a workshop in its Research in Society programme.


The young people who received awards from the Barcelona Science Park were:  M. Porta and G. Molero for their project “Producing a complex colorimetric bioindicator to avoid wasting food at home”; M. Peláez for her project “Sweets: the antibiotics of the 21st century?”; and A. Biescas and A. Aribau for their project “Microbiology and sport: a study into the diversity of the cutaneous microbiota and the effects of certain substances on it”. The PCB also handed out a runner-up prize to A. Ventosa for the project “Cancer: it’s a child’s thing. Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia”.

Exporecerca Jove features stands open to the public where the young investigators present the results of their research using posters, graphics, multimedia files, assemblies, models, the instruments they used, etc. The exhibition is promoted and organised by MAGMA, Associació per a Promoure la Recerca Jove, a Catalan non-profit youth organisation covering the whole of Spain and headquartered in Barcelona. It is part of MILSET, an international federation which promotes research by young people. 

MAGMA kicked off the Exporecerca Jove adventure in May 2000. The 19 subsequent fairs are proof of the success of the initiative, which is now a key date in the scientific calendar. An accredited panel of judges from various academic and professional fields evaluate the projects submitted and hand out the awards on the last day which essentially enable the winners to enter other international competitions.