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Teresa Tarragó, one of the 50 women driving the 'Innovactoras' project


Teresa Tarragó, CEO and co-founder of the biotechnology company Iproteos based at Barcelona Science Park (PCB), is participating in Innovactoras, a social project that seeks to raise the profile of female entrepreneurs and innovators known for their work Science, Technology, Business, Education and Society, and make them role models for the next generation.


Innovactoras is a cross-sectional project led by Maria Beunza, professor at the University of Navarra (UNAV) and a partner of the Happeninn consultancy firm. The initiative involves various agents that can help to reduce the underrepresentation of women in the innovative ecosystem: media, government agencies, teachers and students, public entities, companies and women who offer their testimonies and their experience.

Of the 50 female innovators driving this project, Teresa Tarragó, co-founder and CEO of Iproteos, was one of the six women who presented their experience on 17 January at the "Innovactoras Conference: Here and now", organised by the UNAV Enterprise and Humanism Institute, and Happeninn, the organisation promoting this social initiative.

The event was attended by the MEP and vice president of the European Parliament subcommittee on Human Rights, Beatriz Becerra, who stressed the need to publicise the innovation projects undertaken by women: "It is essential to disseminate and tell the stories of women who take the step, understand the problems they faced and even the mistakes they made". In this sense, Becerra highlighted the importance of generating more initiatives like the Innovactoras project, to publicise those women who have taken the first big step, as well as the obstacles they have faced along the way and the mistakes they have made, to turn them into a source of learning.

Innovation in first-person

Innovactoras wants to become the voice of female entrepreneurs who, in various fields such as science, technology, business, training, education and society, are a real role model for other women, and young people in particular, but also for anyone else who wants to innovate.

The essential objective of the project is the creation of informative materials (websites, videos, ebooks, books, etc.) so that companies, institutions and educational centres have inspiring examples to promote innovation in their setting.

To raise the profile of these inspiring and disruptive women, María Beunza has published a book called Innovactoras. Referentes del segle XXI [Innovative Women. Role Models of the 21st Century], available in print and online. The chapter dedicated to each 'innovactora' is accompanied by a drawing by a second- or third-year secondary school student. The ebook can be downloaded free from the www.innovactoras.eu website.