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The IRB Barcelona co-organises a workshop to give science a voice


This month saw the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) hosting the workshop Standing up for Science, run by European Union. This activity seeks to train and motivate scientists to get involved in public debates about science and to promote public participation in the communication of their results, adapting the language used to the audience.


Photo: IRB Barcelona

Run by the organisations  Sense About Science, Marie Curie Alumni and Voice of Young Science, the workshop was attended by more than 50 researchers from various countries. In the training session, they learnt why good evidence is important for political decision-makers, how the media work, and what journalists expect from scientists when communicating their work. A number of IRB Barcelona researchers participated in this workshop. 

"We participate in this kind of activity because it is important to provide our researchers with complementary skills so that they can connect with distinct audiences: political decision-makers, the media and the general public,” explains Muriel Arimon, IRB Barcelona’s Scientific Education and Public Engagement Officer, who was involved in organising the event.

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