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'El Jardí del Parc', a new meeting space for PCB´s community


This month of June, the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB) has opened a new meeting space for PCB´s community called: 'El Jardí del Parc' (The Park´s Garden"). The addition of this new green area to the whole of the island has been made possible thanks to a framework agreement in collaboration with the Barcelona City Council.



'El Jardí del Parc' has been conceived under the criteria of organic gardening and sustainable management of space. Various tree species tree species have been planted - including olive trees and smart greens - and a collection of plants and grasses selected for their ornamental value, good adaptation to the Mediterranean climate, low water consumption and easy maintenance. The area is equipped with urban furniture and has a route to guide walkers and encourage people to enjoy the beautifulness of this relaxing place.

The decor is complemented by a work by the artist , a respectful, non-invasive sculptural piece of art that works with the geometry of space and its furniture in a constructive way. The work combines the simplicity of abstract shapes and flat volumes with a palette of handmade colors by the artist herself that emphasizes the courage and expressive strength of the structure as a whole.

"This project has been a challenge for me as an artist because it is not a wall. The work process has been very varied due to the diversity of materials involved in its creation and the composition of the space. This is the first time I make a work on small elements of this kind, in a way such as that of instruments of an orchestra that creates its own symphony. The result is a harmonious dialogue with the island's architectural work that supports an independent visual language, left to the visitors to interpret the meaning and enjoyment of the space "- explains the artist.