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Droplite Technologies

Contact person: André Guedes

Phone number: +34 934 487 395

E-mail: info@droplite.com

Web: www.droplite.com

Location: Edifici Clúster PB BC41

DROPLITE is developing a medical diagnostics device that allows a rapid and accurate way to detect diseases and other health conditions in both humans and animals. We introduce an on-site quantitative automated test based on immunoassay techniques that runs in less than 10min utilizing one single drop of whole blood (or others such as saliva or urine). We believe our technology can compete and eventually replace the expensive and time-consuming ELISA laboratory tests currently in used in hospitals and clinics. DROPLITE´s bio-sensing device is based on a reader + cartridge concept. A drop of blood of the patient is placed on an entry port of a small chip-cartridge, which is then introduced in a portable platform reader performing the detection and quantifying the concentration of the pathogen/molecule of interest present in the sample. The device, fully developed in house, is a combination of advanced microfluidics, customized chemistry, a proprietary optical detection system, electronics and signal processing. We are currently exploring applications in several different markets such as: (i) veterinary, regarding rapid detection of animal diseases, (ii)

Main sector: Medic biotechnology

Other sectors: Medical devices