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Contact person: Rita Vassena

Phone number: +34 933 221 122

E-mail: rvassena@eugin.es

Web: www.eugin.es

Location: Ed. Clúster I - S1B11

EUGIN is one of the main European Assisted Reproduction. Based in Barcelona, each year receives thousands of patients from around the world who are treated in 9 languages. Since its founding EUGIN has always been committed to quality. Having been the first European center in its field to have received the total quality certification. Creating life is a big responsibility, which are dumped every day, more than 230 specialists with one goal: to achieve maximum efficiency, combining the latest technology with the closest attention. The Assisted Human Reproduction has more than a quarter of a century, and continues to evolve rapidly. EUGIN contributes to a lot of women and couples to realize their dreams. In accordance with the mission committed EUGIN and scientific research, the new Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology of Reproduction aims to advance our knowledge of human reproduction infertility, developing new technologies to improve current techniques increase the rate success of different treatments for the benefit of our patients.

Main sector: Medic biotechnology