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Whole Genix

Phone number: +34 934 453 930

E-mail: nuria.nabau@wholegenix.com

Web: www.wholegenix.com

Whole Genix (WG) is a consulting company to genetic analysis that works with the aim of improving the quality of life and health of persons. We offer an expert advice in clinical genetics to doctors and hospitals in relation to new forms of prevention, the early diagnosis, and the effective treatment of diseases, especially in neoplastic growth processes and neurological disorders. Through the use of the NGS and genotyping platforms in real time, we generate and analyse genetic data (panels, transcriptome, exome, genomes) with the most advanced bioinformatics techniques. WG gathers bioinformatics, researchers and doctors with extensive experience in the field of new sequencing technologies, genetic characterization, personalized clinical treatments and the association of genetic markers to medicines, in order to cope with cancer, neurological disorders and other diseases.

Main sector: Medic biotechnology