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Contact person: José Miguel Vela Hernández

Phone number: +34 934 466 000

E-mail: esteve@esteve.es

Web: www.esteve.es

Location: Ed. Clúster - 04D64

ESTEVE is a leading Spanish pharmaceutical chemical group with a significant international presence. It currently has a team of 2,300 professionals, 270 of them working in R&D.

In this new site at the PCB, the company employs a team of 70 people devoted to the activities of drug discovery and preclinical development, and is a good example of ESTEVE's commitment to research as the company's raison d'être.

Through this agreement with the PCB, ESTEVE has located all its units of drug discovery and preclinical development in a top-level academic/scientific environment, with the aim to increase the collaborative network, boost the overall productivity and shorten the time to market.

Main sector: Pharmacy