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Barcelona BioMed Workshop: Pathology basics and histopathology techniques


The session will introduce participants to the field of experimental histopathology by reviewing the basic concepts of pathology (macroscopic and microscopic lesion/tissue evaluation). The routine and specialized histological techniques used to process tissue samples and notions of digital analysis acquisition and processing will be also covered.

Moreover, several examples of the applications of histopathological studies to biomedical research will be presented.

The session is addressed mainly to PhD rsearchers and users of the Histopathology Core Facility.

Other specific topics (necropsy, histological mouse phenotyping, etc) and more advanced concepts will be deal with  in future sessions.

Data i hora d'inici: 05/06/2018, 9.30h

Data i hora de fi: 05/06/2018, 13.00h

Organitzador: IRB - Institut de Recerca Biomèdica

Lloc: Edifici Clúster Laboratoris, Aula Félix Serratosa

Host: Neus Prats